MaskedArray is the NLCPy counterpart of NumPy

For the basic concept of MaskedArray, please refer to the NumPy documentation.


In the current NLCPy, masked version operations are only supported by four arithmetic operations in Other functions may raise TypeError or treat MaskedArray as ndarray.

MaskedArray class

An array class with possibly masked values.

Masked Array Operations


From existing data

alias of

Returns a copy of the array.

Shortcut to MaskedArray.

Inspecting the array

Returns the mask of a masked array, or nomask.

Returns the mask of a masked array, or full boolean array of False.

Returns the data of a masked array as an ndarray.

Returns True if m is a valid, standard mask.

Manipulating a MaskedArray

Changing the shape

Returns a contiguous flattened array.

Returns an array containing the same data with a new shape.

Returns a new masked array with the specified size and shape.

Modifying axes

Interchanges two axes of an array.

Permutes the dimensions of an array.

Operations on masks

Creating a mask

Creates a boolean mask from an array.

Returns a boolean mask of the given shape, filled with False.

Modifying a mask

Forces the mask to hard.

Forces the mask to soft.

Conversion operations

> to a ndarray

Returns input as an array with masked data replaced by a fill value.

Filling a masked array

Returns the default fill value for the argument object.