MI commands
This sheet describes the list of GDB/MI commands with the current status of support for each command.
S.No Category MI Command Corresponding GDB command Supported?
1 Breakpoint -break-after ignore Yes
2 Breakpoint -break-commands commands Yes
3 Breakpoint -break-condition condition Yes
4 Breakpoint -break-delete delete Yes
5 Breakpoint -break-disable disable Yes
6 Breakpoint -break-enable enable Yes
7 Breakpoint -break-info info breakpoints Yes
8 Breakpoint -break-insert break Yes
9 Breakpoint   tbreak Yes
10 Breakpoint   hbreak No
11 Breakpoint   thbreak No
12 Breakpoint -dprintf-insert dprintf No
13 Breakpoint -break-list info breakpoints Yes
14 Breakpoint -break-passcount watch No
15 Breakpoint   awatch No
16 Breakpoint   rwatch No
17 Breakpoint -break-watch watch No
18 Breakpoint   awatch No
19 Breakpoint   rwatch No
20 Catchpoints -catch-load catch load Yes
21 Catchpoints -catch-unload catch unload Yes
22 Catchpoints -catch-assert catch assert No
23 Catchpoints -catch-exception catch exception No
24 Program Context -exec-arguments set args Yes
25 Program Context -environment-cd cd Yes
26 Program Context -environment-directory directory Yes
27 Program Context -environment-path path Yes
28 Program Context -environment-pwd pwd Yes
29 Threads -thread-info info threads Yes
30 Threads -thread-list-ids info threads Yes
31 Threads -thread-select thread Yes
32 Ada Tasking Commands -ada-task-info info tasks No
33 Program Execution -exec-continue continue Yes
34 Program Execution -exev-continue --reverse reverse-continue No
35 Program Execution -exec-finish finish Yes
36 Program Execution -exev-finish --reverse reverse-finish No
37 Program Execution -exec-interrupt interrupt No
38 Program Execution -exec-jump jump Yes
39 Program Execution -exec-next next Yes
40 Program Execution -exec-next --reverse reverse-next No
41 Program Execution -exec-next-instruction nexti Yes
42 Program Execution -exec-next-instruction --reverse reverse-nexti No
43 Program Execution -exec-return return Yes
44 Program Execution -exec-run run Yes
45 Program Execution -exec-step step Yes
46 Program Execution -exec-step  --reverse reverse-step No
47 Program Execution -exec-step-instruction stepi Yes
48 Program Execution -exec-step-instruction  --reverse reverse-stepi No
49 Program Execution -exec-until until Yes
50 Stack Manuiplation -enable-frame-filters info frame Yes
51 Stack Manuiplation -stack-info-frame info frame Yes
52 Stack Manuiplation -stack-info-depth None Yes
53 Stack Manuiplation -stack-list-arguments Yes
54 Stack Manuiplation -stack-select-frame up Yes
55 Stack Manuiplation   down Yes
56 Stack Manuiplation   select-frame Yes
57 Stack Manuiplation   up-silently Yes
58 Stack Manuiplation   down-silently Yes
59 Stack Manuiplation -stack-list-frames backtrace Yes
60 Stack Manuiplation   where Yes
61 Stack Manuiplation -stack-list-locals info locals Yes
62 Stack Manuiplation -stack-list-variables up Yes
63 Stack Manuiplation   down Yes
64 Stack Manuiplation   select-frame Yes
65 Stack Manuiplation   up-silently Yes
66 Stack Manuiplation   down-silently Yes
67 Variable Objects -enable-pretty-printing None Yes
68 Variable Objects -var-create None Yes
69 Variable Objects -var-delete None Yes
70 Variable Objects -var-set-format None Yes
71 Variable Objects -var-show-format None Yes
72 Variable Objects -var-info-num-children None Yes
73 Variable Objects -var-list-children None Yes
74 Variable Objects -var-info-type None Yes
75 Variable Objects -var-info-expression None Yes
76 Variable Objects -var-info-path-expression None Yes
77 Variable Objects -var-show-attributes None Yes
78 Variable Objects -var-evaluate-expression None Yes
79 Variable Objects -var-assign None Yes
80 Variable Objects -var-update None Yes
81 Variable Objects -var-set-frozen None Yes
82 Variable Objects -var-set-update-range None Yes
83 Variable Objects -var-set-visualizer None Yes
84 Data Manipulation -data-disassemble disassemble Yes
85 Data Manipulation -data-evaluate-expression print Yes
86 Data Manipulation   output Yes
87 Data Manipulation   call Yes
88 Data Manipulation -data-list-changed-registers None Yes
89 Data Manipulation -data-list-register-names None Yes
90 Data Manipulation -data-list-register-values info registers Yes
91 Data Manipulation   info all-registers Yes
92 Data Manipulation -data-read-memory x Yes
93 Data Manipulation -data-read-memory-bytes x Yes
94 Data Manipulation -data-write-memory-bytes gdb expression and memory operations Yes
95 Data Manipulation -data-write-memory gdb expression and memory operations Yes
96 Data Manipulation -data-write-register-values gdb expression and register operations Yes
97 TracePoints -trace-find tfind No
98 TracePoints -trace-define-variable tvariable No
99 TracePoints -trace-frame-collected None Yes
100 TracePoints -trace-list-variables info tvariables No
101 TracePoints -trace-save tsave No
102 TracePoints -trace-start tstart No
103 TracePoints -trace-status tstatus No
104 TracePoints -trace-stop tstop No
105 Symbol Query -symbol-list-lines None Yes
106 File Commands -file-exec-file exec-file Yes
107 File Commands -file-list-exec-source-file info source Yes
108 File Commands -file-list-exec-source-files info sources Yes
109 File Commands -file-symbol-file symbol-file Yes
110 File Commands -file-exec-and-symbols file Yes
111 File Commands   symbol-file Yes
112 Target Attach -target-attach attach Yes
113 Target Attach -target-detach detach Yes
114 Target Attach -target-disconnect disconnect No
115 Target Attach -target-download load No
116 Target Attach -target-select target Yes
117 File Transfer Commands -target-file-put remote put No
118 File Transfer Commands -target-file-get remote get No
119 File Transfer Commands -target-file-delete remote delete No
120 Ada Exceptions gdb/mi Commands -info-ada-exceptions info exceptions No
121 Support Commands -info-gdb-mi-command  None Yes
122 Support Commands -list-features None Yes
123 Support Commands -list-target-features None Yes
124 Miscellaneous Commands -gdb-exit quit Yes
125 Miscellaneous Commands -gdb-set set Yes
126 Miscellaneous Commands -gdb-show show Yes
127 Miscellaneous Commands -gdb-version show version Yes
128 Miscellaneous Commands -list-thread-groups None Yes
129 Miscellaneous Commands -info-os info os No
130 Miscellaneous Commands -add-inferior add-inferior No
131 Miscellaneous Commands -inferior-tty-set set inferior-tty Yes
132 Miscellaneous Commands -inferior-tty-show show inferior-tty Yes
133 Miscellaneous Commands -enable-timings None Yes
134 Miscellaneous Commands -interpreter-exec interpreter-exec Yes
135 Miscellaneous Commands -remove-inferior None No
136 Miscellaneous Commands -function-call-history record function-call-history No
137 Miscellaneous Commands -function-call-history-length set record function-call-history-size Yes(default Only)