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NEC Numeric Library Collection User's Guide (for C)

NEC Numeric Library Collection is a collection of mathematical libraries that powerfully supports the development of numerical simulation programs in a wide range of fields. The libraries are available on Vector Engine. NEC Numeric Library Collection allows users to create advanced scientific computation programs without requiring awareness of complex numerical algorithms, greatly improving the productivity of numerical simulation program development. This manual is intended for users who will use NEC Numeric Library Collection from C programs.
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Library / Volume Functions
ASL Native Interface Scientific library with a wide variety of algorithms for numerical/statistical calculations
Unified Interface Fourier Transforms, Random Number Generators, Sortings
FFTW3 Interface Interface library to use Fourier Transform functions of ASL with FFTW (version 3.x) API
CBLAS C interface to BLAS
SBLAS Sparse BLAS (from ACM Algorithm 692)
Basic operations of sparse matrices
HeteroSolver Simultaneous linear equations (Direct sparse solver)
Stencil Code Accelerator Stencil Code Acceleration